Sunday, November 27, 2011

Loreli's First Thanksgiving

Over the past decade, my husband and I have traveled for every major holiday. Because we live a few hours away from our hometowns, and because we cherish the time we get to spend with our families, over the years we've journeyed to our respective homes to spend time with those we love most. This year, though, we decided to stay put, to start to build our own traditions for our daughter.

This turkey day, Jeremy, Loreli, and I were lucky enough to have family--and the best of friends (Thanks Josh and Hiroko!) come to visit us--so for the past few days, we were all able to soak up the love of my parents, sister, nephew, and niece.

As I get older, and especially now that I'm a mother myself, I have a greater appreciation for the people and moments that have shaped my world. Having a child has made me realize--in a way that perhaps no other experience could--just how important the support and love of family and friends is. I am so thankful.

When Loreli and I came downstairs this morning, she peered around the staircase, looking, I think, for the smiles of her cousins or the outstretched arms of her Mimi to greet her as they have in the past couple of days. And even though she didn't find them, I know that the love she felt while they were here has touched her in a way that only family can.

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