Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

For a stretch of several years, this day made me want to close my eyes and count the moments until midnight – I sought to bury myself and hide from the ache that exists when you can no longer be soothed by your mother’s embrace… however, this year, this day is different.  

I look at my daughter’s face and see my mother in her smile.  I see her again in the way that my wife has so elegantly taken to the role of mother herself...  So today I stand, eyes open, ready to scale a mountain so as to sing my gratitude for all of you who play the role of motherhood – as if one day to do so were even enough. 

To my most amazing wife – you are a constant for not only your daughter, but also for me - a reminder of everything worth celebrating… you sustain us, lift us, and carry us both.  I watch in amazement every single day as you care for her with delicacy and protect her with ferocity.  You love her with grace and strength insurmountable.  You strive on, no matter what, and inspire us as you do. 

Though she can’t express it this year, and may as well struggle to show it in years to come, I see our daughter’s indescribable admiration in her gorgeous eyes, and I hear it in her every giggle.  I don’t believe I can find the words myself to describe the eternal gratitude that I have for you and what you do for us both… but I do know that my heaven is hearing to the two of you laugh together for the rest of my life.  

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