Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here comes the sun...

I don’t think I’ve ever been a morning person… Why would anyone enjoy bypassing those sweet moments of sleep that linger when your dreams are in high gear?

I knew that when our little one arrived, sleeping in would become passé, but I’ll be honest that I still try to stretch out those sunrise winks as long as possible…

However… it’s become family routine in this household that Daddy leads the morning show, while Mommy runs the matinee. And then at sunset, we share the ooh’s and aah’s over the goo’s and gah’s for those precious few moment before bedtime.

Unfortunately, that means I miss out on seeing her face light up when Mommy arrives to rescue her from daycare, the smiles when she realizes she’s finally home, and so on…

However… those moments in our mornings are amazing.

When I finally wake up and come back to reality each daybreak, I can always count on Loreli to have been gently placed in our bed next to me by her Mommy – we each do our own stretching routine, and then turn our heads to lock eyes and revel in the day to come. She gives off the littlest giggle.

Pure bliss.

I may never be a morning person, but I do love being a morning Daddy.

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